“Tahn helped me develop a garden plan for my new back yard.   She’s super easy to work with and knows a lot about native plants and eco-friendly plantings.  She never seemed to care how many questions I asked, and there were plenty of questions. She was very responsive to my ideas and really paid attention to what I wanted to achieve. She not only came up with a beautiful plan, clearly laid out and easy to work with, but also continues to help me figure out details of how to obtain and plant all those native trees and shrubs. I loved working with her and cannot recommend her too highly.” ~Ruth

“Tahn is very knowledgeable about plants, especially those native to the Pacific Northwest. She generously helped me design my back yard using both my preferences and her expertise. I would definitely recommend Designing With Plants.” ~Andrea

“As I made the decision not to have grass anymore in my front lawn, Tahn helped me design a landscape that took into account native plant species as well as areas that would support the water needs of the plants (as I had no plans to place a sprinkler system). In addition, she helped me with my backyard in designing a setting that would allow me to get backyard habitat certification. Her knowledge is tremendous, and Tahn was responsive to all my questions and needs. I would highly recommend her for any garden design!” ~Nimisha

“Tahn was an absolute pleasure to work with. She delivered a fantastic design based on what I wanted out of my landscape, and the list of approved plants from the backyard habitat certification program. She also provided advice on how and when to plant that was invaluable for a newbie landscaper like myself. If I ever have another landscaping project, she will be the first person I call for a design.” ~Chris

Paloma and I bought a new home and inherited a broken sprinkler system and a huge stretch of dead grass and tough soil. We felt fairly confident in the garden, and good at curating plants in small spaces, but when it came to reimagining an entire property’s worth of landscaping, we felt daunted. Tahn gave us exactly what we needed to get unstuck – a meticulous consultation where she listened to our needs and provided some valuable insight and ideas of her own, drawing from both her extensive background working as a landscaper and in a nursery. 

She came back with a beautifully designed site plan of drought-tolerant plants and landscaping materials that would work within our budget, had recommendations for where to go to get them, had thought carefully through how each plant would coexist with the others and with respect to the environment (sun / seasonality / slope of the yard, etc), and was incredibly patient in fielding all of our many questions. 

We’re well on our way to putting Tahn’s plan in place, and get lots of thanks from our neighbors for resurrecting a long-dead yard.