Photos and Installation by Amanda Brockman and Joseph Fraley

Amanda and Joseph installed the entire design, even the wood deck, patios, pathways, and retaining walls — so a lot of work! I started with their front yard design which is north facing and receives mostly full sun. The next year, I designed a naturescaped woodland shade garden for their backyard. The backyard gardens are still establishing so it will be a couple of years for the plants to fill in, but I can already tell it’s going to look great!

Photos and Installation by Paloma Medina and Mike Heavers

This is another DIY project that Paloma and Mike installed. The owners wanted a design for their front yard area that could handle hot afternoon sun with drought tolerant plants that resembled more of a desert landscape. This is a really good example of Xeriscaping!

Photo and Installation by Andrea Lowgren

This was one of my first designs, and Andrea helped get me started in landscape design for which I’m so grateful. The backyard is tiny and we had about 200 square feet of border to work with, so it’s absolutely wonderful how many plants she was able to fit into that space!