Service Contract for Contractor

Service Agreement Contract

Tahn Kehmeier
Designing With Plants
PO Box 2455

Portland, OR 97208

Design Package:

  • Drafted Planting Plan on PDF, sized to 11’ x 17’ for printing

  • Plant List with care instructions and a photo of each plant, PDF format

  • One Free Planting Plan Update to make changes

(*Scope of work does not include detailed construction or actual construction or installation of the design.

Payment Schedule: Once the client has signed and submitted their online Service Agreement Contract and made their payment, Designing With Plants will be responsible for having the design project completed and sent to the client on the Finish Date.

Liability Waiver: Designing With Plants is designed to provide a recommended planting plant design and plant list of care instructions for the property owner or company they hire to install the plants. The property owner is responsible for complying with all applicable local, state and federal laws and obtaining any required permits. Designing With Plants is not liable for actions taken by the property owner arising out of or in connection with the performance of services by Designing With Plants.

Finish Date: 2 business days upon receiving signed contract and payment from client

Price: $ 100.00

Contractor Signature:

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